Gerbils live in colonies in the wild so they are very social animals; they do not do well as a solitary pet. How do we call? They can live anywhere from 2-5 years. Pay close attention to your gerbil so you recognize when it … Wiki User Answered . For every other Gerbil, lifespan is not equal. make sure he has fresh water everyday and gets pleanty of exercise. how long do gerbils live for? Gerbils are typically between 150 and 300 mm (6 and 12 in) long, including the tail, which makes up about half of their total length. Gerbils live longer than rats and hamsters, but not as long as guinea pigs or degus. Lone gerbils live a shorter life and spend most of their lifetime in a reclusive state. What are gerbils? On average, it has a life expectancy of … I think it's worth getting her a couple of younger playmates, she might love the company. However, in captivity, pet gerbils normally live for 3-5 years. And much like in humans, a gerbil is just as likely to suffer from cancers or tumors. In the wild, gerbils live in underground tunnels up to 3m long with several entries and chambers. However, gerbils living in captivity can quickly adapt to human sleeping schedules. It's quite rare for a gerbil to bite their owner, and even rarer for them to have a consistent biting problem. Pet Gerbil Lifespan. Do not separate for a day or longer unless you intend to permanently separate them. Take a look at our pet search page to find gerbils up for rehoming. gerbils normally live up to 4 years or so. u have to fead it the right food something that he likes . If blood is drawn, you'll need to separate them immediately. Asked by Wiki User. My kids should have been more careful, regretfully, They were so sad at their bad judgment, but the little guys lived 4 years, even hurt, I hope not in pain. after alomost a year, she was injured by our cat and 2/3 of her tail had to be amputated. they cannot live apart but pick on eachother alot. Gerbils belong to the subfamily of rodents. Make sure you have a stable enough home life to care for a gerbil … I'm really not sure what the average life expectancy is for gerbils. Animal abuse is unbearable, and it is important to give rights to animals. Life expectancy of the gerbil: from 3 to 4 years, but few domesticated gerbils live more than 2 or 3 years because of the high incidence of tumors from the age of 2 years. Gerbils are friendly, intelligent, and sociable animals. Living in a burrow enables gerbils to escape the intense heat of the day. but dont stick with the same food al the time u shoud change it up sometimes. Favourite answer. Leave at least one tablespoon of food per gerbil per day. How Long Do Gerbils Live? Gerbils usually live in clans of two or more gerbils – and this is how the gerbil community likes to see them housed – but they can and sometimes do live alone. The average adult gerbil … Your duty of care. Yes, gerbils do bite, although it isn't a very common occurrence. Gerbils have a long tail like a mouse which the gerbil is able to shed should the tail get trapped. Gerbils are very social animals and like to socially groom and play and there are some great videos of double-drinking; double toilet roll chewing; and many other cute gerbil activities. How Long do Gerbils Live as Pets? The sand insulates their little nest, keeping it safe from the burning heat and helping it protect against the chill of a cloudless desert night. Most of mine have made it to about 4 years old though. My gerbils Bourneville, Jack and Mace, in their new home, an 130 litre (about 30 UK gallons or 35 US gallons) IKEA storage box, which I bought for £10. Attach two water bottles, in case one leaks or gets blocked. Tumors can be found in or on various parts of the body, including skin tumors on the gerbil's ears or feet. Being social creatures, gerbils can become quite tame with regular handling. However, their needs are actually very complex and owning one is a big responsibility. The oldest pet gerbils live to be five years old, but the average gerbil life span is three years. Even though owning a gerbil has become so popular that it makes you want to check it out, their lifespan has always been a question. Mongolian gerbils usually live for 3-5 years, while fat-tailed gerbils live to be 5-8 years old. When gerbils do get sick, though, it can be serious—a gerbil's small size can make an illness spread very quickly in the body. Answer. Gerbil babies spend only 25 to 42 days inside of their mothers. Gerbils live about usually 2-3 years but some can live 4+ All of the gerbils that I have had have lived about 2 and a half years. They usually live in areas where water is scarce. I've read so many different figures, some say 2-4, some say 4-6 etc. October 16, 2017 Uncategorized Chris. While Gerbils make a great pet for you in your household, there are some other species of this animal around the world that don’t pet at all. Search for: How long do gerbils live on their own. John March 23, 2020 Gerbil. About two to four years. Before deciding to bring this animal to the house, you need to evaluate its needs, because the mouse gerbil at home life is still experiencing the needs inherent in her in the wild. These are areas such as hot desert areas so they produce very … Continue reading How do gerbils live in the wild? How long do gerbils live? Do Gerbils Bite? 8 Answers. To do … a baby gerbil: a gerbil; a female gerbil: a gerbil; a male gerbil: a gerbil!!! MMMM777. Relevance. September 9, 2017. → Gerbils may live for up to 3-4 years, although some may live longer. Wire cages are unsuitable because the bedding will be kicked out. In a relatively stress-free environment, gerbils have the capacity to live to be about six and they aren't necessarily pretty. There are literally hundreds of species of Gerbil found across the globe. There are more than a hundred species of gerbils living in the wild, all with varying lifespans. Animals rights . Online Gerbil Care Gerbil Care For Smart Owners. They are also very healthy and rarely get sick. Menu Skip to content. If you want to get a pet gerbil that you can care for and enjoy for a longer period of time, consider choosing a fat-tailed gerbil. Keeping a same-sex pair is necessary; litter-mates usually do well together. Answer Save. They live on their own for as long as you leave them that way. 1 decade ago. Gerbils life cycle comes to an end by the age of 2 – 3 years. about gerbils. Despite popular belief, gerbils don't depend on their teeth and bite strength for protection. They can go bald and do develop tumors (most animals do--odd but true). Gerbils usually live 3-4 years, and in their natural environment their habitual way of life is rather unusual: these rodents constitute family colonies – father, mother and several broods, and married couples are formed for life. How long you can expect your gerbil to live depends in part on what species you own, as well as how it’s kept and what diseases it contracts during the course of its life. There are basically two types of tumors: benign tumors, which do not spread, and malignant tumors, which spread and are usually referred to as cancers. Last Updated: 22.08.20 . Out in the wilderness, they seldom live for more than two years but pet gerbils can live for up to five years, with some distinct species even going up to eight. General Care of a Pet Gerbil. So, a healthy one can live years. How long do gerbils live ? Gerbils are excellent burrowers - they do it so much that even captive gerbils need to burrow in order to fill this deep evolutionary need. how long do you think my gerbil will live? Prev Next. Gerbils have sharp claws which the gerbils use to burrow their way into the sandy grounds of the desert. The best way to mimic this natural habitat and keep them happy is to house them in a large tank or old aquarium with a secure wire lid and plenty of material for them to dig and tunnel into. I had 2 boys live until they were 7 years old. Gerbils are playful, inquisitive, and friendly animals. In these burrows, the air is usually more humid that it is above ground. Gerbil Life Milestones. 2011-04-01 23:18:02 2011-04-01 23:18:02. So, how long do gerbils live as pets? One of the most common gerbil breeds, the Mongolian gerbil, lives up to five (5) years of age. One species, the great gerbil, Rhombomys opimus, originally native to Turkmenistan, can grow to more than 400 mm (16 in). Average Gerbil Lifespan. How many hours do gerbils sleep? The gerbil with no tail took care of he other one for 4 years, did evrything for him. How long because mine have been alive for eight years. Top Answer. But some breeds can live to up to 8 years. There are many things a gerbil owner can do to have a gerbil live a long, healthy life. This is their sleeping cycle throughout the day and night. They tend to live for long in the company of other gerbils. Set your thermostat between 65 and 75 degrees, so your gerbils are comfortably warm. The more seriously hurt died one Friday night, the other male died the next night. They may not live as long though . she has been dropped a couple times and scratched once or twice by Scritch and she's relly timid. if u take good care of them they can live up to 6. but u have to change his bedding really often so he ALWAYs has a clean cage. In the wild gerbils survive by living in burrows underground. With preparation, gerbils can be left alone for up to a week. Unfortunately, gerbils have a very short lifespan. How long do gerbils live as pets? No Comments. Gerbils box and wrestle for fun, but sometimes fights turn nasty. They’re also one of the least smelly pet rodents, as they don’t drink much and rarely go to the toilet. Their life span considerably depends upon the care taken by its owners as well as the habitat offered to them. However, if you have a single older gerbil, it can be difficult to introduce a new one as they are quite territorial. How long do Gerbil live? It also depends a little on how you take care of them. How Long Do Gerbils Live? Related Products. Please star question, and make it interesting please. 0 1 2. This enables the gerbils to conserve moisture in arid habitats. Instead, they rely on their smaller size and surprising speed for that! Since they live in deserts, it is necessary to equip the dwelling so that the pet feels comfortable. There’s no set answer as to how long gerbils live, as their life expectancy differs greatly from breed to breed. Gerbils are often kept by young children, because they have a great deal of character. This self defense mechanism allows the gerbil to escape predators, leaving them with just a tail. They may not live as long though. How Long Do Gerbils Live? i got her with a gerbil buddy named Scritch and Scritch is the alpha gerbil. Still, gerbils lifespan as pets is still much longer than if they were to live in the wild. How long do gerbils live as pets? They live on their own for as long as you leave them that way. Use gloves to protect your hand. Gerbils usually sleep for about an hour or two at a time. Wild gerbils only live for up to 1-2 years. Gerbils make excellent pets for children because they can be entertaining and fun to keep. The lifespan of an average gerbil is 3-5 years. And you, how old is your gerbil?

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