Our Mate Gourd is designed to be inverted to easily discard used yerba mate after consumption. People that say you can only enjoy an excellent mate from a natural calabash gourd have surely did not sip one from this handmade glass yerba mate teacup. UPGRADED Yerba Mate Natural Gourd/Tea Cup Set (Original Traditional Mate Cup - 8 Ounces) | Includes 2 Bombillas (Yerba Mate Straws) & Cleaning Brush | Stainless Steel | Double-Walled | Easy to Clean, Yerba Mate Natural Gourd/Tea Cup Set Blue (Original Traditional Mate Cup - 8 Ounces) | Includes Bombilla (Yerba Mate Straw) & Cleaning Brush | Blue Stainless Steel | Double-Walled | Easy to Clean, El Tigre Double-Wall Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Set - Includes Yerba Mate Gourd (Cup) With Two Bombillas and Cleaning Brush, BALIBETOV Mate cup - stainless steel double wall yerba mate cup, premium argentina mate set - beautiful mate cup and bombilla set - modern yerba mate gourd - mate argentina with 2 bombilla (straw), Evepure Yerba Mate Gourd - Mate Gourd and Bombilla Set - Includes 2 Bombillas and a Cleaning Brush and Gift Box - Matte Black, Balibetov Mate Cup And Bombilla Set | Includes One Yerba Mate Cup Two Bombillas (Mate Straw) & Cleaning Brush | Stainless Steel Mate Gourd | Double-Walled | Easy to Clean Yerba Mate Gourd (Grey), BALIBETOV [New] Yerba Mate Wood Gourd Set - Traditional Palo Santo and Aluminum (Mate Cup) with Bombilla (Yerba Mate Straw) (Wood Wrapped in Alumium), Yerba Mate Natural Gourd/Tea Cup Set Brown (Traditional Mate Cup - 12 Ounces) I Includes Bombilla (Yerba Mate Straw), Lid & Cleaning Brush I Stainless Steel Double-Walled I Easy to Clean, Kalmateh Traditional Double Wall Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Gourd Set - Modern Mate Cup Includes Bombilla (Filter Straw) and Cleaning Brush (8.6 oz) (Wood), Kalmateh Yerba Mate Set – Mate Gourd with Lid, Alpaca Bombilla, Thermos, Matera Carry Tote and Organic & Kosher Yerba Mate (Wood, 1000ml), GFDesign Yerba Mate Bombilla Gourd Drinking Filter Straws 304 Food-Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel - Set of 2 with Cleaning Brush - 6.1" Long. Novomates [NEW] Yerba Mate Gourd and Bombilla Set - Double Wall Glass Yerba Mate Cup With 2 Stainless Steel Mate Bombilla Straws - (250ml) 4.4 out of 5 stars 45 £19.95 £ 19 . After a few minutes of waiting, you take a sip… “OUCH!” You burned your lips! mentions that the gourds may vary in size, according to their natural shape. The colors and patterns of the gourds vary. Unlike traditional gourds, the Milltown Merchants Mate Gourd is incredibly easy to clean and does not need to be cured before using. Think about the last time you prepared a gourd of yerba mate… You boiled water, filled your gourd with yerba, and stuck your bombilla in. The people at Travel Tea are aware of their struggles, so they came up with a collapsing yerba mate teacup that is simple to expand, easy to clean and carry with you wherever you go. Let the gourd sit out to dry. Argentine mate made from a gourd with polo stick decoration around the rim and with a bombilla, which also has a polo stick decoration. $7.99 $ 7. The gourd must be seasoned, or "cured," prior to using. South American mate tea is a drink made from the leaves and shoots of a tree called the Holly Paraguayan. There are many starter kits available; this article rates and reviews 5 of the best choices. £9.09. This handmade yerba mate tea set from Gaucho Market comes with a brown, large-sized gourd that has a stainless steel coating at the top. 4.6 out of 5 stars 814. A perfect compliment to our selection of Mate Teas including our Organic Citron Mate. In conclusion, Yerba Mate tea has myriad health benefits, and drinking it out of a yerba mate gourd – whether it’s made of wood, traditional squash, or modern plastic – can make it fun and give the tea a pleasant and very enjoyable taste. (Condor Black). Most yerba mate enthusiasts are at a loss when they look for places where to buy yerba mate gourd. Some are intricately decorated by hand with silver or gold. Balibetov [New] Handmade Natural Mate Gourd Set (Original Mate Cup) Including Bombilla (Yerba Mate Straw) (Dark Brown) 3.7 out of 5 stars 1,998. This traditional hand-produced mate gourd inclues a perforated straw--a bombilla--that acts as a light filter. The Yerba Mate Leaves Yerba Mate comes from a tree, "Ilex Paraguariensis", cultivated in South America. This 21-cm bombilla comes with a removable filter head that makes it easy to clean with the cleaning brush included in the package and a spoon-end pressurized extraction filter. Traditionally, drinking yerba mate out of a gourd and bombilla is a ceremony that is meant to be shared amongst in a community. When you brew mate tea and enjoy it the traditional way, you are drinking it from a gourd. This easy-clean, stainless steel straw is perfect for regaining that satisfying taste that you experienced when you first drank from your mate gourd. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This handmade yerba mate teacup is a calabash gourd covered in slick parchment that rests on a convenient three-legged stand. SKU: 0.25 Category: Gifts. A mate gourd and bombilla is a gift which is greatly appreciated by South American professionals. 5 out of 5 stars (585) 585 reviews $ 45.50. See our selection of … It can also be prepared with a coffee maker, french press, or even a teapot. Customer Reviews. So you’re in the market for a yerba mate set; a complete kit to get started drinking mate the traditional way. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The high gloss, clean finish will not retain flavors, odors, or bacteria, making it perfect for daily use. This mate and bombilla set is a great beginners set to get you started brewing yerba mate the classical, traditional way. I love the taste of it. Yerba mate can be prepared the same way as any other tea – by steeping it in water. In this regard, you cannot find a better selection of yerba mate teacups and drinking straws anywhere else than on Amazon. H.K. All of the materials are bacteria-resistant, FDA-approved and BPA-free to ensure that you can sip on your mate without endangering your health. What Is The Best Yerba Mate And Where To Buy It From? FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The eye-catching design of this gourd includes a sturdy blue glass with unique decorations and a nickel-plated trim that also serves as a stand. The durable bombilla comes with a spoon-end pressurized extraction filter that does not let any leaf particles pass from the gourd to your mouth. This leather wrapped yerba mate tea set also includes a stainless steel bombilla that should help you sip on your beverage without having to ingest any of the brewed mate leaves. The yerba is the leaves; dried and crushed to make a tea-like herb. Our other gourd and bombilla combination is ideal for someone wanting a quick mate on the go, while our larger one is perfect if you plan on spending some time enjoying your mate. How to cure the gourd: Scrape the dry, flaky material from the inside of the gourd with a spoon. Pros of this mate gourd and bombilla set: Very affordable and comes with a bombilla; You can put it in the dishwasher; It won’t attract odors or hold on to flavors, so you don’t have to worry about using different sweeteners with it; It’s not going to break from normal everyday use, it’s very durable Out of stock. The alpaca silver rim adds a subtle metallic note and enhances the classic design of the gourd. Also, Sam&Co. 11-ago-2012 - This is a beautiful set: Mate Gourd (holds approx 5oz), with Bombilla (straw) used to drink traditional South American drink Yerba Mate. Based on 11 reviews. Curved alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated. Favorite Add to Wooden Yerba Mate Full Carved Gourd Rhombus Design - Includes 2 Straws Bombillas - Handmade in Argentina ARGTHGS. Whether it is your first time enjoying this energy-boosting infusion or you need to replace your worn out container, this guide to the best yerba mate gourd will help you find the ideal mug for your favorite beverage. Description Description. The bombilla is 16cm in length. G. Great ! According to mate drinkers, a properly cured and seasoned gourd enhances the flavor of the mate tea. Unless you’re drinking mate cocido, bagged mate, then forget about making mate without your bombilla. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning a natural gourd, you can opt for this double wall stainless steel yerba mate tea set. Once the water got hot, you filled the water hole inside your gourd and let it steep. Mate tea gourd and bombilla. Remember to cure the gourd before fixing your first tea to ensure that the mate tea will have a rich and full-bodied taste. H . There are 499 gourd mate bombilla for sale on Etsy, and they cost $31.79 on average. Extra Large Yerba Mate Silicone Gourd and Bombilla Combo (14 Oz. Without the bombilla, there’s no drinking mate. Pour in hot water. Regular price $25.95 PERFECT. Many mate drinkers invest in a yerba mate tea gourd and bombilla only to find the drinking straw unsatisfactory. Yerba Mate enthusiasts who are always on the move know just how inconvenient it is to carry around an entire arsenal of gourds, bombillas, and hot water flasks. Boasting a slick, modern design and a bright green color, this 8oz unbreakable gourd will help you enjoy a tasty mate drink without the earthy flavor that some consumers find too bitter. Crafted from BPA free, medical grade silicone. First select the correct bombilla for your yerba mate cut. They come with an easy-to-use cleaning brush and are suitable for any type of gourd, regardless of its material. This 6.5″ long bombilla has a three-part filter straw head that is more efficient in stopping yerba debris from entering your mouth than most spoon-end filters out there. £21.99. If you place cultural authenticity above all else, this is the best wooden yerba mate gourd for you. This is the most … Yerba Mate Accessories Browse our range of yerba mate accessories to find everything you need to start brewing yerba mate To brew Yerba Mate in the traditional way you'll need a gourd or other cup, a bombilla (metal straw), a flask, and of course yerba! We will show you where to buy a yerba mate tea set that will help you enjoy drinking your hot mate or tereré in the classic, stylish fashion established by a millennia-old tradition. Yerba mate bombilla and gourd are the traditional brewing and drinking instruments that every true matero always has within arm’s reach! Tea production does not require complex processes. Here's a quick tutorial on how to infuse yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla. A bombilla (), bomba or massasa is a type of drinking straw, used to drink mate. Here are the best yerba mate gourds and bombillas that money can buy: Most yerba mate gourds come with a straw or bombilla to ease your worries and help you savor your first mate as soon as possible. Posted by admin 07.02.2020 03.03.2020 2 Comments on Mate tea gourd and bombilla. The middle of the bombilla straw displays a blue bead that you can rest your fingers on without burning your hand while sipping on your mate. Hand-made bulbous spoon-filter alpaca bombilla 18K gold-plated (Mate Gourd is Not Included) Regular price $32.95 Sold Out. The manufacturer recommends that you cure the gourd before preparing your first mate infusion. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, Select a location to see product availability, Balibetov [New] Handmade Natural Mate Gourd Set (Original Mate Cup) Including Bombilla (Yerba Mate Straw) (Dark Brown), MateBrew - Yerba Mate gourd (8 oz) and bombilla set. This yerba mate tea set includes a foldable silicone cup with an insulation sleeve, two stainless steel bombilla straws, and a cleaning brush. Authentic Mate Gourd and Bombilla by El Matero Review. Includes 1 Mate cup, 1 BPA free lid, 1 straw with built-in strainer, and 1 cleaning brush. If you want to feel the genuine taste of mate tea from an original yerba mate gourd, you cannot do better than this handmade yerba mate teacup from Sam&Co. Un Mate gourd is handmade in Argentina by local artisans who have been crafting mate gourds for many years. This calabash gourd comes with a unique exterior design that is handmade carved and a bamboo bombilla that will enhance your mate drinking experience. Nothing spells elegance better than drinking your mate infusion from a gourd wrapped in natural leather. Harvested yerba mate leaves are dried, chopped, and ground to get the typical yerba mate product. The traditional way of preparing and enjoying yerba mate tea is by using a gourd and a bombilla.Yerba mate tea gourd, or a cup, was originally developed by the Guarani people of South America.. (Torpedo), All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Now, onto the six types of mate bombillas… Coil Mate Bombilla While retail stores may have a limited offer of yerba mate gourds and bombilla straws, your best choice is to look for the best yerba mate tea set online. Few other gourds can give you this feeling better than this handmade mate gourd from Tealyra. Rare Vintage Yerba Mate Gourd and Bombilla / Mate Tea Cup from Chile/ in Copper Stand LaTrouvaille. In metal bombillas, the lower end is perforated and acts as a metal filter which is used to separate the mate infusion from leaves, stems, and other mate debris, and functions in a similar fashion to the perforated metal screen of a teapot. The most common gourd mate bombilla material is wood. Mate and Bombilla £ 25.50. Write a review. Fortunately, they can improve on their investment by purchasing this set of two yerba mate filter straws that have no peculiar smell and endless reusability. Get Your Kicks With The Smooth, Bitter Taste Of Canarias Yerba Mate, The Difference Between Guayusa And Yerba Mate, The Best Yerba Mate Gourds and Bombillas, And Where To Buy Them From. MateBrew Bombilla Straw Bundle | Two stainless steel bombilla straws with built in strainers and 1 cleaning brush for Yerba Mate and loose leaf tea. This yerba mate gourd does not just appear traditional, but is also made traditionally and is supposed to be used conventionally. The most popular color? © Copyright 2001-2019 Yerba Mate Society   |. Our Mate Gourd is unbreakable and perfect for travel. The biggest online retailer in the world offers hundreds of mate drinking accessories from which you can pick the best yerba mate gourd and bombilla for your taste. Gourd) This is the LARGE version of our Silicone Yerba Mate Gourd with a bombilla included. 99. Yerba Mate Gourd Cup Set, Delicately Leather Wrapped. ... Yerba Mate Union Suave Kit Gourd & Bombilla The traditional gourd is made from a fruit of a gourd vine, a calabash squash, which vary in shape and size and possess a very hard shell.The gourd plant belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. 49. The way that most people drink it in South America! MILLTOWN MERCHANTS MATE GOURD AND BOMBILLA SET - The Milltown Merchants Mate Gourd is a modern, efficient take on the classic Argentine Yerba Mate Calabash. The only time you need a bombilla is if you prepare it the traditional way with a gourd. Mate gourds and bombillas are the traditional way for drinking Mate. It is the case of this popular set composed of a gourd and a stainless steel bombilla that comes all the way from the homeland of mate, Argentina. Yerba Mate Bombilla Gourd Drinking Filter Straws 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel 6.1 inch Long Spoon Bombillas Straws for Mate Tea Set of 3 with Cleaning Brush (silver) 4.6 out of 5 stars 170. This gourd is made from natural calabash fruits that have had their whole interior hollowed out and the exterior darkened through direct exposure to flames. Avid yerba mate drinkers believe that sipping your mate from a regular teacup is an unforgivable blasphemy. Hand-Made in Argentina From Natural Calabaza (Pumpkin). Bombilla Mate Opp Bombilla For Yerba Mate With Gold Ring 304 Stainless Steel Straws Fits 30oz 20oz Tumbler Gourd Drinking Straw Filtered US $0.06-$0.40 / Piece 1 Piece (Min Order) The best yerba mate gourd also requires a high-quality bombilla, preferably a stainless steel one. Sipping on delicious mate from an authentic Argentinian gourd should take your passion for this beverage at the ultimate level. The spoon-end filters prevent the tiny yerba leaves from entering your mouth as you sip away your mate. Black Calabash Mate Gourd + Bombilla $ 40.00 – $ 43.00 Spoon Bombilla w/ Removable Filter & Cleaner $ 15.00 Uruguayan Torpedo Mate Gourd (2 Colors) $ 65.00 – $ 68.00 Rinse the yerba mate gourd and bombilla. Mate 2 Colors Handmade SET + Straw + Yerba Spoon Made in Argentina, Balibetov Premium Yerba Mate Gourd (Mate Cup) - Uruguayan Mate - Leather Wrapped - Includes Stainless Steel Bombilla and Cleaning Brush. Mate or maté also known as chimarrão or cimarrón, is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.It is made by soaking dried leaves of the yerba mate plant in hot water and is served with a metal straw in a container typically made from calabash gourd.. Mate was consumed by the Guaraní and Tupí peoples. Nevertheless, they try to provide the best yerba mate gourd and bombilla set by adding a stainless steel bombilla with a removable filter to the package. You will need 3 things: a gourd, a bombilla and a bit of loose leaf mate. These 6″ long yerba mate bombilla straws have a smooth surface and an eco-friendly design. The 14cm tall spooned bombilla straw enables smooth sipping and the 11.5cm tall yerba spoon helps you fill the traditional yerba mate teacup with minimal effort. 95 As this product is made from a carved pumpkin, or calabaza, each piece will be unique. The volume of this gourd comes in different variations (from 150 ml to 300 ml) so everyone can find something for themselves. Fill the gourd with loose yerba mate. Wine Bottle Holder You sip the yerba mate from the gourd with the bombilla, then you pass it to the person next to you, and so on until the mate is gone. A great way of improving your mate drinking equipment is by adding a high-quality yerba mate bombilla. Hi r/tea, I really want to start drinking Yerba Mate, but don't want to shell out money for a gourd and bombilla before I know wether it's something I'll drink consistently or not.So my question is, is there anyway to prepare Yerba Mate well without the traditional equipment to do so? Yerba Mate Natural Gourd/Tea Cup Set (Original Traditional Mate Cup - 8 Ounces) | Includes Bombil… After inverting your mate gourd, revert it back to 45º, creating a slope of dry yerba mate; insert the bombilla alongside slope, with spout facing opposing side of slope (towards you); add hot water into the void (aka ‘waterhole’) and begin to enjoy your yerba mate until it’s tasteless.

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